Corigliano: independent apartments in the old town Corigliano d'Otranto: via Santi, 12

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Type , Status Location Sub Location Price € 42.000 Area 100 sqm airport (km) 74 Lecce (km) 26 sea (km) 22 APE F amenities (km) 0,5 rooms 4

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Corigliano: independent apartments in the old town

The property is composed of three historical units and it is situated in the Corigliano’s d’Otranto old town. All the units still preserve some original features, typical of the Salento zone, as, for example, star vaulted ceilings. The property is divided into three solutions:

  • two studio apartments with star vaulted ceilings and antique fireplace
  • a two – roomed apartment, with star vaulted ceiling

The whole property needs to be completely restored. Perfect as an investment.

Location: Corigliano d’Otranto

Corigliano is a small town, distant about 30 kilometres from Lecce. One of the 9 towns of Grecìa Salentina, the exact origins of the town are still unknown. The territory was habited since prehistoric period, and the town foundation may date back to the Messapian age, the period of Magna Grecia or, finally, to Roman times. The town’s actual name was mentioned for the very first time during Medieval, but historical monuments present all over the town’s territory confirms previous setting up.

The old town results to be structured following the roman configuration. The major monuments are: the early 1500 castle and city walls (Castello Monti), Arco Lucchetti from 1497, various churches, including the high church dated XVI sec., with the bell tower from 1465 and aristocratic palaces from 1700. The prehistoric period is represented by two megaliths, called dolmens (Caroppo I and Caroppo II).


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